the zeitbeast

The Zeitbeast

fthc - 3:58
Are you sitting comfortably? Let me tell you all a story
About a friendly little creature called the Zeitbeast.
He’s like a tiny cow, with the temperament of a dog,
And the nervous roving eyes of an artiste.
Some say he’s from the Delta, or that he belonged to Frank Sinatra,
Or maybe Miles Davis (though he was into cats)...
All I know for certain is that he ended up with Elvis,
And that wherever that beast lays, that’s where it’s at.

He’s the Zeitbeast
If you try to pet him too hard then the Zeitbeast will run away.
But if you’re gentle, open and relaxed the Zeitbeast will likely stay.

Regardless of where he’s from, where he’s headed is the question
That should exercise the curious cultured mind.
Because wherever he ends up, he’s at the centre of a certain kind of circle,
Which I’ll try here to define.
You see the Zeitbeast doesn’t hang out with the cool kids;
The cool kids always try and hang with him.
He likes the taste of new ideas and the smell of those who mean it,
And the kind of people the cool kids don’t let in.

So he was snuffling round Sunset in the sixties,
Until the scenesters scared him off to London Town.
He hung out at the Marquee with Hendrix and the Yardbirds
While all that heavy shit was going down.
The seventies found him stuck in CBGBs,
Until he snuck uptown to Studio 54.
And later back up in Manchester,
In the midst of that loving second summer,
Folks said they saw him sniffing round the Hacienda’s back door,
And he'll be sniffing around for evermore.

Where is the Zeitbeast now?
If you’re looking you won’t find him anyhow. Here’s the deal:
He’s not a mascot, not your pet,
He likes the smell of honest sweat,
He’s yet to play the clarinet,
Like an elephant he never forgets.

He’s looking for a soulmate who’s not scared to bear their soul.
With a clear set of ideals and the Zeitbeast at your heels,
You’ll find your rock and roll.

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