Contact / FAQs

Hi everyone! Presumably you’re on this page because you want to get in touch. Great! It’s pretty central to my view on life that I’m generally contactable, so you can find my email address right here. Easy!

PLEASE NOTE: I only ever communicate through my email. These days there are, frustratingly, a lot of scam pages being set up on Facebook, Instagram and the rest. I never use these to message anyone. Ignore the scams please.

I do get a ton of emails. I do my level best to reply to everyone (apart from the hate mail and the crazies…!), but it’s fair to say I get asked the same questions a fair bit. Frequently, you might say. So in the interests of leaving a little bit of my day clear for stuff like playing shows and writing songs, here are some answers to some of those questions. This is obviously not comprehensive, or an interview, or a guide to my music. Nevertheless, please do have a read of this before pressing “send”. Thank you!

  1. What does FTHC stand for?
    The HC stands for “hardcore”. In the USA in the early 80’s, each scene would have a little logo that’d be a cross with the initials LAHC (for Los Angeles), NYHC (for New York) and so on. So it’s a little visual joke, and a nice logo for me. And more recently, an album title!
  2. I want to book you for a show please!
    The person to contact is Nick Storch. He’s in charge of my bookings. While he’s friendly, his say is final; if he says no, I’m not going to contradict him, sorry.
  3. I want to book you for to do a DJ set!
    Awesome! That’s easy. Just contact
  4. I want you to play at my wedding / party / house / charity do!
    You still need to ask the people listed above about this. Despite what people think (maybe the video for The Road has something to do with it!), I don’t really have time in my diary for running around playing loads of house-parties any more, so it’s not hugely likely that I’ll be able to do this. I need to have some time off on and between tours, I’m getting old!
  5. Can I meet you at a show? Will you be hanging out before / after?
    In the early days, I used to hang out after every show and say hi to pretty much everyone, if I wasn’t actually selling the merch myself. It was a lot of fun, and it was manageable at the time. As the shows have got bigger, and I’ve got older and more creaky, and my back has got more fucked up, and my voice older, it’s not always the best idea for me to spend 2 hours shaking hands with people in the cold outside a show (there have been occasions where I’ve basically had to cancel shows because of doing this). That said, I’m not one for hiding in the dressing room or limo or whatever (haha, limo; I’ve never been in a limo). So basically, sometimes I do hang out, and sometimes I don’t; if we cross paths, I always do my best to be nice and friendly and sign stuff / take photos / whatever. I can’t really say what will happen in advance. I do feel the need to say, however, that if you buy a ticket for a show, you’re buying a ticket to see live music; if we don’t get to hang out, that doesn’t count as you being ripped off. I’m a normal person and some days I get tired, or ill, or I have old friends or family to catch up with, or I just don’t feel like hanging out. Here’s hoping we do cross paths all the same.
  6. Can I request a song for you to play at an upcoming show?
    Sure, you can request one, but I get a lot of requests, and while I do my best, it’s not always possible to get them in the set. Writing a setlist to try and please everybody in the crowd (and me!) is a difficult thing to do, and one I spend a lot of time on. Also, if you’re requesting a cover, it’s unlikely – I’d prefer to concentrate on my own songs. And please don’t send a request for a cover I haven’t ever played, I’m not a human jukebox.
  7. Please can you send me a signed photo / album / anything?
    The problem here is that I don’t have a stock of signed photos of myself lying around (seriously, I’m not that lame) and albums obviously cost money. On the whole it’s not that easy for me to be posting random bits and bobs with my signature on it around the world, so on the whole I’m going to pass. Sorry. Come find me at a show instead, where I’m happy to sign anything you want me to!
  8. I want to send you something in the mail, where to?
    No problem. The address to send stuff to is Frank Turner, c/o Xtra Mile Recordings, Y16 – Access House, 207-211 The Vale, Acton, London W3 7QS. Be warned that I don’t pick up my post very often (like every few months) so I’m not the best correspondent. Email is quicker and easier! Still though, feel free to write.
  9. Can you dedicate a song to me / my friend at an upcoming show / give me a shout out?
    I’m not really one for shout-outs to order, I’m afraid; I like everyone at the show to be equal, and dedications I do make tend to be personal. We’re all in this together!
  10. Can I buy VIP / Backstage passes for a show?
    This is not something that I feel particularly comfortable around. The people who come to my shows are all equal, to me, and I wouldn’t want to sell extra access somehow. Backstage is a working area. I pretty much always hang out after the show to say hi anyway, so just come find me there.
  11. I wish you’d play smaller venues!
    While I can fully understand that some people dislike the atmosphere in larger rooms or whatever, the fact is that I feel it’s important for me to present what I do in a way that is accessible for everyone. If I only ever played the Railway Inn (or whatever), the vast majority of people who want to see the show would be excluded, and that would suck. Don’t worry, I probably won’t be popular any more in a few years and then we can all hang at the Railway to our heart’s content.
  12. I want to interview you!
    If you want to do an email interview, just send me questions, it’s fine. For a meet-up you’ll need to get in touch with the people who schedule my press. Hit up
  13. Can you follow me on social media? Can you tweet my friend? You didn’t reply to me on Twitter, what gives?
    I regard all social media as frivolous. Very occasionally I reply to stuff when I’m not busy. Mostly I don’t read any of it. Social media has been pretty destructive for my mental health over the years, and maybe even yours too (tho that’s not for me to say). I’m not a fan, generally. If you have a question, you can use email!
  14. When are you on? How much is it? What are the age restrictions? Where can I get tickets?
    Generally speaking, I’m probably not the best person to ask (though I do try to post as much show info on the gigs page as I can). Get in touch with the venue or the promoter, check their websites and so on. On the day of the show I usually try to tweet stage times for everyone. Beyond that, more often than not a quick google search will turn up the answers you need.
  15. Can you check out my band? Can we support you?
    Feel free to send me Bandcamp (or whatever it is you kids use these days) links, or give me demos. I like listening to new music! One word of caution though – I have a really busy schedule, and no way have I over-listened the entire Nick Cave back catalogue, so the time I have for checking out new stuff is limited. If I haven’t got back to you, please don’t be offended, I probably just haven’t got round to it – or possibly it wasn’t for me. I’m no critic I’m afraid, I’m not in the business of sending detailed reports on stuff out. As for supports, I choose the supports for my headline tours (it’s worth checking to see if they’re announced before emailing me, they generally get agreed months in advance). For individual shows, it’s usually the local promoter, so contact them. Also: Please don’t email me unsolicited MP3s or other large attachments. They have a tendency to screw up my email server. Please send links instead.
  16. Why don’t you play “Thatcher Fucked The Kids” any more?
    I stopped playing it for a while, because I got bored of the song, and more specifically, I got bored of the tedious political monomaniacs that came with it. Since 2022 or so, I’ve played it a few more times, and it’s been fun, but it’s not the best song I wrote, by any stretch. This leads us on to….
  17. What are your politics? Are you a protest singer?
    Nope, I don’t consider myself a ‘protest singer’ – that feels very limited to me. Music can be about anything and everything! Politically, I don’t like to box myself in, I try to be curious and open to new ideas, and I’ve learned and changed a lot in my time (and still know next to nothing). I’m kind of a liberal (classical perhaps?), maybe a ‘centrist dad’ if you like. I’m not (and have never been) aligned with any political party. I think the primary aim of politics should be to help the ones in need, and thereafter I’m keen on people being left to their own devices by the powers that be. But I’m not an activist of any kind, and I don’t want to be a preacher. Politics is divisive, by definition; I try to make music and put on shows that are inclusive. That might not chime with everything I’ve said in public since I was 19, but there it is.
  18. Can I have chords / tabs for this song? What are the lyrics?
    Lyrics can be found, aside from in record sleeves, in the “music” section of the website, along with tab for the first two albums. It is my intention to one day tab everything out, but it takes me ages, so it might not happen all that soon – I’m working on it! There’s a fair few guitar tutorial videos on my YouTube as well.
  19. Can I get rare Million Dead or Kneejerk stuff off you?
    Sure, drop me a line!
  20. Can you write an email / send a picture / video to my friend / partner / child / parent / etc.?
    I used to do this a lot. Then it reached a point where I was effectively working nearly full-time as a message delivery service. These days, I tend to keep it to weddings and birthdays, and there’s a fundraising charity angle, but you can email me about it.
  21. Hi, how’s your day?!
    This is a hard entry to write for this list, because I am genuinely a gregarious person and I like to be contactable. But the fact of the matter is, I have trouble enough keeping up with my old friends as it is, being on the move all the time. I can’t really start regular correspondence with new people every day. I’m 110% happy to answer questions and try to help out with stuff, but I can’t just shoot the breeze over email. Forgive me.
  22. I read a question on your FAQ, and I know it says “no”, but I’m going to ask again anyway…
    I get emails like this a lot. Sorry to be a killjoy, the answers to questions are here, that’s why this page exists!
  23. I read a question on your FAQ, and I know it says “no”, and then I read the last entry which said the answer is still “no”, but hey, I’m kooky and hilarious and I’m going to ask again.
    Believe it or not, neither my time nor my patience are infinite, and I can’t say these kinds of emails get replies.