the work

The Work

fthc - 3:32
I’m sorry about the argument at the weekend;
I should have listened to what you said in the first place,
And then I should have been your friend.
But I finally tidied up the garage like you asked me.
I put some laundry on –
Both our clothes this time and not just mine.

Because we’ve both been doing our best,
Skirting round the edges of perfect.
Darling I know this:
It’s the work that makes it worth it.

I’ve been brushing up on your family tree for the party.
I’ll get your cousins, your half cousins and your step cousins
The right way around this time.
And I promise to remember to bring you tea in the morning,
Heed your warnings about when I'm about to cross the line.

Because I did my fair share of the rock’n’roll
Three minutes and Fifteen seconds version of love,
But me I always needed the B sides,
And not just the best of.
I saw fireworks aplenty when I met you,
But now we've worked to build this into a fire.
I don’t want to burn out any more;
I want to visit the coast in Kent with you
On a weekday afternoon when we’re both retired.

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