The Rehearsal Diaries

So, I’m slowly emerging, battered but not defeated, from the fall-out from the post below. Most people have been really cool about the news and the decision, for which I’m grateful. Obviously, a lot of people are disappointed, and I’m worried about apologizing again in case it starts to sound worn out, but hey, I’m sorry. Something I didn’t stress enough before is that 2000 Trees is a fantastic festival, and definitely worth attending with or without me. Some people have been pretty harsh about it, which does keep me up at night a little. I hope no one feels like I’m “ditching” the UK or whatever. It’s not like that at all – a quick look at my gig list hopefully proves that. I guess I’d just urge those who are angry to put themselves in my shoes on this one.

In other news, we just finished day 2 in the rehearsal studio. I’m going to post some photos up as soon as I’ve figured out how to get them off my swanky new iPhone. Things are progressing really well, I’ve been pleasantly reminded how damn good the guys in my band are, and my confidence about the album is currently soaring. We have 8 songs down now – The Road, Live Fast Die Old, Sunday Nights, The Fastest Way Back Home, Dan’s Song, Journey Of The Magi, Richard Divine, and Try This At Home. Matt’s been playing around with crazy shit like Mellotrons and so on. The mandocaster made its first appearance today. I’m planning on decorating Tarrant’s little corner with emo posters, and maybe the headline from today’s Sport (which was too good to miss) – “Top Tennis Babe Has A Willy” (seriously). Good times.

Finally, my friend Sean now has a blog, and it’s worth its internet weight in gold. Check it out.

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