winkyface: the mark of a moron (mongol horde)

Winkyface: The Mark Of A Moron (Mongol Horde)

Mongol Horde - 1:03
Happy day! The agonizing wait has finally come down to a
Happy end, the universe has granted us its blessings.
Happiness is knowing that you'll never have to waste another
Keystroke or pen stroke on marking your meaning.
Apparently the written word has long been lacking a certain
Je ne sais quoi - I just don't know how any writers survived
Life before the semi-colon and the open bracket hooked up as soul mates.
Shakespeare and Orwell must be turning in their graves,
Or at least turning their heads sideways.

Open-bracket-semi-colon: you're fucking kidding me.
Open-bracket-semi-colon: mark of a moron.
Open-bracket-semi-colon: come on now, seriously,
Open-bracket-semi-colon: this is a fucking con.

Lost for words - we have that in common.
Lost for words, which leads me to suspect that
You've nothing of meaning or value to say.

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