the fleas

The Fleas

The Fleas - 3:12
I never thought the apocalypse would be boring;
I was expecting more of a bang and less of a sigh.
The TV shows implied it would be exciting,
But I still don't know anyone who's died.

And I thought that I would miss other people,
Other places, other things, more than I do.
Things can be replaced, and places can be rearranged,
And the only one who'll notice it is you.

Do you remember what it was like before you were born?
It won't be long before you're back there once again.
To tell the truth, I can't remember much of anything these days,
It's like they say – in our beginning is our end.

So here we are, finally on our knees,
Shaking with each curse and every cough.
Here we are, finally on our knees,
Waiting for the world to shake us off
Like a bad case of the fleas.

(with apologies to George Carlin)

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