new orleansy

New Orleansy

Buddies - 3:39
Well we went to a bar.
We were looking for a bar, we thought it was a bar,
Well it was kind of a bar,
But everything was not what it seems.
We bought ourselves some drinks.
We were thirsty for the drinks, so they brought us over drinks.
Well are these really our drinks?
I suppose we're going to drink some champagne.

Oh buddy, you've got to know what it means
When you lose control in New Orleans.
So let's make a deal right here my friend:
Let's never speak of this again.

Well where the hell is Frank?
I went upstairs, they made me go upstairs.
I didn't want to go upstairs,
But it was actually pretty awesome upstairs.
Well I just wanted to get out -
I just wanted to get out, I was trying to get out...
I wasn't trying that hard to get out,
But then you never leave a man behind.

So what, at what point did we think it was wise to write a song about this thing?
I was just at the Superbowl.

Oh John I can explain,
It feels like we've been drinking champagne again.

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