make america great again

Make America Great Again

Be More Kind - 3:28
Well I know I'm just an ignorant Englishman,
But I'd like to make America great again.
So if you'll forgive my accent and the cheek of it,
Here's some suggestions from the special relationship:
Let's make America great again,
By making racists ashamed again.
Let's make compassion in fashion again,
Let's make America great again.
Well I've been fortunate to go round the continent,
From California through the Midwest to Providence,
And I've mostly only encountered common sense,
Hospitality and warmth from Americans.
But I wish it was a bit less significant,
The program and the name of the president,
Because it seems to me the truth is self-evident:
You fought our king to be independent.
Ellis Island take me in,
Everyone can start again
In the shining city on the hill
Where nobody can be illegal.
Let's be a friend to our oldest friends
And call them out when they're faltering,
Remind them of their best selves and then
We'll make America great again.

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