least of all young caroline

Least Of All Young Caroline

Mittens EP - 2:38
Amber slipped away last night,
Jim's still in the hospital,
And with everything we went through with Dad last year
That is a serious kick in the balls.
None of us need this,
Least of all young Caroline.
Child, I'd be lying if I told you I thought that
Everything was going to be fine.

Caroline, I know things are desperate,
But things will get better in the end,
And every step you take forward is another step you never have to take again.

You know her parents built her up,
But then they let her fall aside,
And now she has those scars on her legs that she won't explain
From when she disappeared that night.
She says she's not a little girl anymore,
Her hands they don't need holding much,
But the child that I've known since the day she was born
Is always going to need some human touch.

It tears me in half, to remember your laugh.

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