hey judas (mongol horde)

Hey Judas (Mongol Horde)

Mongol Horde - 3:47
John Archibald Wheeler once said that time is just nature's way of stopping everything from happening at once, as if the universe has a limited amount of bandwidth, or low RAM, like an early 80s games console. Certainly without time things would make less sense than they already do. And there's a whole host of reasons why time travel wouldn't work. If butterflies flap their wings to make hurricanes, then crash-landing a Delorian in the cretaceous is going to derail every little step of the pathway from the garage where you built the thing in the first place back around to your parents fucking before an open fire on their second date.

But we're scientists, right? Open like new flowers to enquiry, the universe, new ideas, new paradigms. And it might just be that our under-evolved ape brains can't yet conceive the permutations and contortions of logic that could lead from how we understand the world now to how it could be, to the wormholes and shortcuts that might throw Einstein for a loop and make the whole thing somehow, impossibly, inconceivably possible.

So here's the deal. You have a time machine.
The question is… What are you going to do with it?

I'd say it's obvious, you have to make plans,
Arm yourself with a paper and pen,
Hum your way through every top 40 hit
Since the hit parade started and make a list.
Learn all the words, remember the tunes,
Make sure you have it all written down,
Set the dial to where you're heading to,
The year before Elvis, 1952.
Now welcome to your alternative life!
You are the king of rock'n'roll, insurmountably high.
You have the songs, you are the king of radio,
You preempt every fashion like you knew exactly which way to go.
It just seems to be effortless,
The way you write them in ten minutes or less,
And bitter nobodies can't explain how
You took their inner secrets and spewed them out your mouth,
Before they could write them down.

But wait a minute, seriously, wait a minute...
This has happened before, I swear this has happened before.
Those two weird kids from Liverpool, they kind of came out of nowhere...
Wait a minute, John and Paul something...

Paul MacCartney & John Lennon
Came back from a different future
Armed with notebooks filled up with songs
Stolen from kids who now stay home.

Mark Chapman was sent back in time
To assassinate John Lennon.
Paul is left but the question is:
Who will be the T1000?

Keith Richards.
Think about it.
He can't be killed,
He will not die:
Keith Richards is the T1000.

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