casual threats from weekend hardmen (mongol horde)

Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen (Mongol Horde)

Mongol Horde - 2:01
I spy something with my little eye - a walking dead man
If you look at my bird just one more time - then you're a dead man
If you spill my drink as you walk on by - I'm gonna cut you
If you do so much as meet my eye - I'll fucking end you
Once more with less coherence

It's just more casual threats from the weekend hardmen.

If you keep your ugly face exposed then I will rape it
If your girl will her offer herself for free I'm gonna take it
When your mum's done whoring herself for the week she gives me one free
And your dad begs me to watch the whole damn thing and then he pays me
Seriously, if you're going to heckle me mate, put some fucking effort in.

It's just more casual threats from the weekend hardmen.
More casual threats from these fucking amateurs

Dance like a cunt because you got shitfaced
Saturday night, or any other night, just isn't alright,
for anyone to have to withstand

More casual threats from the weekend hardmen.

People like you comprise the most cogent argument
For sterilisation that I've ever encountered.

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