blistering blue barnacles (mongol horde)

Blistering Blue Barnacles (Mongol Horde)

Mongol Horde - 3:48
I never was an easy child.
I had a lot of fights at school.
The careers advisor said to me,
"Here's what I think you should do:
Now you could be a sailor or
Maybe you could have your own ship;
If you had an oil tanker,
You wouldn't have to take no shit."

I am the captain of this ship,
And I will be obeyed.
If you're not standing on the bridge,
Then you're a galley slave.

I sailed across the ocean blue,
I travelled round the seven seas,
And off the coast of Somalia,
Some pirates boarded me.
And after about half an hour,
Those two-bit motherfuckers knew
That when they tried to board my vessel
They bit off more than they could ever chew.

This deck it will not wash itself,
So get down on your knees.
The sails they will not raise themselves,
So get up in the breeze.
Your back it will not whip itself,
So bare your shoulders please.
My balls they will not wash themselves,
So get down on your knees.

Row, you maggot-ridden dogs.

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