New Video

Ah, finally, the video is up online. At the moment you can watch it on my myspace profile – I’ll be adding it in other web places later on. It’s also being played on Q, The Box, MTV2 and Topshop TV (ahahaha. No really, ahahaha) at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled people.

There’s been one addition to the tour dates so far (Newcastle) as well. People in Cardiff and Glasgow need to settle down and consider the fact that it’s unlikely I’d do a full UK tour and miss out two capital cities… Also, people hitting me up about support slots, I don’t want to sound offish, but it’s been sorted for the most part, and on the few occasions where it hasn’t I have a list as long as my arm of bands / singers I’m going to ask… So, probably not worth that email then.

I’m going on holiday tomorrow for a week. I shall return with a tan. Have fun in my absence.

EDIT: Still going on holiday, but here’s the vid courtesy of youtube:


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Album Tour Bonanza!

Yup, the album tour is here. This is going to be special… I’ll be playing with a full band for most of my set, Dive Dive are main support and Beans On Toast is on most of the dates as well. You can find the dates here. There’s a few more TBC as well, so hopefully I’ll have the whole of the UK covered. The album will be out by then too so you’ll all have had a chance to learn the words, haha…

Crazy weekend. Had two shows booked (one of them a surprise gig for Ollie) but ended up playing four… spent Saturday and half of Sunday hanging out with The Tailors and actually ended up playing at both their shows, even playing guitar for them for a tune in Brixton, which was aceness. On the downside, I got fucking mugged in Brixton after the show by some cuntoids who got my wallet (with no money in it) but left my phone / passport / cash. Dipshits.

The Video for Vital Signs will be up online tomorrow, at last. Apologies for the delay, we’ve had some technical issues.

Played with a band called Mozzy Green in Harlow last night, and they were throughly excellent (and lovely people to boot). Go check them out, minions! See you all on tour.

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New Website

Yup, pretty obvious post this, but I got round to updating the website (well, all apart from the ‘Press’ section, which is coming soon). Of particular interest is the extended links section, where I put myspace links for all the UK people I could think of off the top of my head who I would recommend (apologies if I left anyone totally obvious out). There’s also an extended FAQ, which I’m hoping people will actually read this time round. For the many people who’ve been asking, the new artwork was done by Chris Pell. It clearly rules, and more of his stuff can be found at this site.

Then of course there’s new stuff up on the myspazz. Glad that people seem to be liking it for the most part. My wek of total organization and getting my shit together is hopefully going to continue, with the new video and the new tour dates hopefully up in the next few days. Huzzah.

Cosmo just sent me his new CD, which was recorded while he was arsing around South America. I shall be enjoying it over the next few days, no doubts. Oxford tomorrow, the world the day after.

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“Lately I’ve been feeling no pain…”

Back at FTHQ after a stretch of Scottish shows, which were much fun. A general “hoots mon” to everyone at the shows. The Kilmarnock show for yesterday fell through so I ended up gatecrashing my friend Jane’s houseparty, which was pretty manic (involved me learning a song off Pochohontas too). Feeling the burn today, which is not an activity I enjoy at the best of times, and getting on a plane is not the best of times for me. Ungood.

A week of hard work ahead – finishing everything for the album, a couple of gigs on the horizon, finalizing the details of the January album tour, that kind of thing. Speaking of the album tour, for those who hadn’t noticed, it’s going to feature me with a backing band for the first time. I’ve done nearly 200 shows on my own now and I’m majorly looking forward to having a rhythm section behind me – not for the whole of the set, mind, but most. Dive Dive will also be on the tour, and much fun will be had by all, no doubts. It’s going pretty much everywhere in the UK, rest assured.

Dregs… My friend Peter Hill took some photos of me on the Automatic tour recently, and has been good enough to post them up on his site here. Check it. There’s a big website redesign on the way, which will include my myspasm page – new songs going up, innit, plus also the video for Vital Signs (at last). I’ve been rediscovering Josh Rouse. He rules. Go listen.

EDIT: Wow, I’m on fire today. A couple of new tracks now up on myspace – check it out.

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The Long Run-up to Christmas

Yeah, I know I’m getting started early. Still in my sick bed but working like an ant as per usual. Lots going on at the moment, one part of which is a big website redesign which is going to make the whole online operation run a lot more smoothly. This is a poor excuse to explain why things have been a bit haphazard of late. Oh well. Anyways, the first single from the album is going to be a free download released on Christmas Day. If you want to get it, you have to go here and follow instructions. Have fun.

I have been mostly rocking out to Oppenheimer and Family Guy series 5.

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I’m bad in bed under the doctor…

Got back home today at about 3pm after a harrowingly shite train journey down from Birmingham (I was at the Music Live expo yesterday with the good chaps at Play Music Magazine). The Automatic tour is done – major thanks to them and their crew for being thoroughly lovely people to tour with. Shout outs to Alterkicks and Viva Machine too. Much fun was had by all, hello new friends, and the party on Friday was suitably debaunched.

Got a few days here in Winchester, much to do as ever, mainly trying to nail the sleeve design for the album. Speaking of albums, there’s a tracklisting preview thing here. The tour for next year is coming together nicely. It’s all go basically. But first: a bath.

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“The things I do to kill me only help me to relax”

It’s good to be out on the road again. As much as I needed a break from constantly waking up in different places, I’ve missed it, and this stretch of dates has (thusfar) been totally sweet. The Automatic boys are a lovely bunch of lads, their crew likewise, and I’ve been making new friends. Last night in Bristol ended up sat on the roof of the bus talking shit till the early hours. It was romantic, haha… The Keele show was also aceness. Now in Cardiff waiting around for the start of the shennanigans. Cosmo is coming down tonight and bringing my old hat back, and I am thoroughly excited about this.

The first half of the video shoot went really well, apparently rough cuts are looking “French”. Make of that what you will. Also got a piece on my favourite band up on – dribbling devotion can be found here. And the last little titbit for today… I’ve been rocking out to one of Ben from Million Dead’s new projects recently, the loverly Armed Response Unit. It’s good to hear the man playing to his full abilities again. The myspae has old demos on it, which are good, but the new stuff I’ve got is much much better. Thrash.

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I Am Superman

Yesterday was without doubt the most hectic day of my life. As was the day before that. Basically, Wednesday started early with packing for tour, then 12 hours of mastering (interspersed with a photo shoot and doing a shotlist for a video), followed by a late bedtime. Thursday started superearly with a video shoot (me in a co-directing role), which ran hectically through the day before I played at the Astoria with The Automatic (lovely lads) and then hiked across town for the Xtra Mile party in Camden. I was dead on my feet after that and headed back to the hotel to catch up with the Automatic’s tour bus, whereupon I was kissed by Paul Weller. Thereafter I slept like the dead, and now I’m in Sheffield. Life is strange.

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The Sweet Smell Of Victory

This morning, after finally making our minds up about an edit in one song (two or four repeats of the breakdown? eh?) Ben (producer) and I finally called a halt to work on the album. It’s done, finished. Now all that remains is the mastering (next week) and the artwork (in progress) and we’ll be ready to manufacture. It’s a big relief to be able to cross that one off my “to do” list at last. And I must say I’m damn proud of it too, I think it’s going to pleasantly surprise people with it’s aceness. Which might sound a little big-headed, but then if I didn’t think that I’d still be working on it now, and Ben would be slowly garotting me with my own hair. So it’s for the best really.

In other news, I’m geared up for the tour with the Automatic (and the extra solo headline shows that I’ve been booking on their days off). T-shirts, CDs, badges, guitar strings, clean pants, all either ready to go or on their way. It should be a good ‘un. I can’t wait to get back on the road actually, and it doesn’t seem like a long enough stretch to me. There’s a string of Scottish dates coming up too, if you hadn’t noticed already. See you there.

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Good vs Bad

Good: played with and met Chris Simpson last night, he was ace, it was an honour.
Bad: People complaining about ebay items I sold them. Yes, you twunt, “used” means not new.
Good: Finished moving house with my mum. New house is good.
Bad: My dog died a few days ago.

Pretty hectic of late, not so many shows, but a lot to do, finishing album mixes, toying with the tracklisting (predictably enough), sorting mastering, organizing artwork and so on. The other good news is that I’ve booked myself a holiday. It’s been a good 5 years or so since I had a proper holiday, and I can’t fucking wait. I will be ceasing all contact with the world for one week in December, in preparation for the onslaught that will begin in January.

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