I Will Save America

Look at this, short sharp updates coming atcha, one by one, like a shark with knees… Anyway. Just briefly, for all my American friends… Love Ire & Song comes out in the USA officially today, you can pick it up on iTunes or through the good folks at Arbor Records. The record features all the English songs and 2 US-only bonus tracks as well. Tell all your friends!

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The Gathering Storm…

The Winchester show on the tour has now sold out, and I may well have another few to announce before the end of the day (certainly week). Get your tickets while they’re hot! Long Live The Queen is still at Number 4 in the MTV2 Myspace chart, and you can join a facebook group promoting the single here. Finally, the good Ms Sara Cox should be playing the single at 12.40pm tomorrow on BBC Radio 1. I’m having a good day.

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Storming the Bastille

Hello from Austin TX. I have a hangover and a handlebar moustache, which is a winning combination if ever there was one. The US shows are fun. But I’m here to discuss the UK…

As you may already know, Long Live The Queen is coming out as a download single on October 20th, the day before the start of the UK tour. It’s going to have a few unreleased B-sides packaged with it as well. A lovely package, I’m sure you’ll agree. Now you may also know that proceeds from the single are going to Breast Cancer Campaign. You might also be aware of the fact that recently I’ve been getting support from people like Jo Whiley and Sara Cox at Radio 1, and MTV2.

All of this together leads us here at FTHQ to an idea. We’re basically in the middle of sneaking into the mainstream music world, which is hilarious, and most of it is thanks to you guys doing what you do best: getting organized and pestering people. So it occurred to us that it would be genius to break the Top 40 with this single.

I know that a download-only single of a song on the album already isn’t necessarily something everyone’s going to rush out and get. But at 79p, it’s not a massive ask. If we can get over 4000 people to download the song in the week of release, then we’ll have done it. And the best part is, we’ll be raising some serious cash for charity in the process. We’re going to sort out a pre-order thing for y’all as well. The important thing is that the downloads are all in that week.

So, are you with me?

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People Power / USSA!

Morning all. I write from Sherman Oaks, California, in the middle of the night. Shows with Fake Problems are going well, it’s awesome to see the boys again, their new stuff is excellent. Cobra Skulls also rock, but more to the point Look Mexico are my new favourite band, check em out! Anyways, to business.

The new video for Long Live The Queen (below) is popular with the powers that be. It’s up for voting in the MTV2 Hot New Ones chart this week. We’re up against big hitters, but recently people power (i.e. you guys voting) has got me on Zane Lowe and Jo Whiley, so, if you can take the time to go vote, that would be appreciated, and if you want to spread the word, that’d be better. Thanks all.

Secondly, my USA shows are now finalized as a run, and just for those not 100% paying attention, here they are again:

  • 22nd September @ Angel’s Roadside, Apple Valley, CA, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 23rd September @ The Beauty Bar, Las Vegas, NV, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 25th September @ Modified, Phoenix, AZ, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 26th September @ Main Street Project, Anthony, NM, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 27th September @ The Warhol, San Antonio, TX, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 28th September @ Red 7, Austin, TX, USA (with Fake Problems, FREE show)
  • 1st October @ The Mink, Houston, TX, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 3rd October @ Sluggo’s, Pensacola, FL, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 4th October @ Cave 9, Birmingham, AL, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 7th October @ Two Cents Plain, St Louis, MO, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 8th October @ Skull Alley, Louisville, KY, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 9th October @ Moira, Indianapolis, IN, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 10th October @ Mac’s Bar, Lansing, MI, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 11th October @ Asbury Lanes, Asbury, NJ, USA (with Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry)
  • 12th October @ The Space, Hamden, CT, USA (with Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry)
  • 13th October @ Blender Theater @ Gramercy, New York, USA (with Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry)
  • 14th October @ Black Cat, Washington DC, USA (with Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry)

Hope to see you there!

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Long Live The Queen Video

It’s finally here, and I must say I’m pleased as punch:

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Just a quick note, really, to say thanks to everyone involved with Lexapalooza 2008. Saturday went off as well as we could have hoped. It was a long, tiring, emotional and intoxicating day, and to be honest I’m still recovering from the afterparty, but basically we achieved the three aims: raising money, having an ace time and doing Lex proud. Good work all.

Incidentally, the current count for the cash is an awesome ‘a32200 or so, but there’s still time to donate if you want to, through the magic of Paypal. The email address for payments is lexapaloozafestival@gmail.com.

It goes without saying that next year will be bigger and better.

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Breast Cancer Campaign

Greetings, earthlings! I write from Maida Vale Studios, where we’ve just finished recording a session for Zane Lowe. Which leads me neatly to my first point: the session goes out on Tuesday 9th September 7-9pm on BBC Radio 1, and will be on “Listen Again” features for a while thereafter.

Second up, tour stuff: there’s yet more American shows being posted up, which is great – check again, I probably am coming to somewhere vaguely near you. Also, for punters in the UK, we’ve sold nearly half the tickets for the October run, so if you’re coming along and haven’t bought one yet, I’d get a ticket soon.

Finally, just some words about this weekend and the related causes. As many will know, it’s Lexapalooza on Saturday, Lex’s festival, which is now sold out. The money raised from the festival (and from the single, Long Live The Queen, out October 20th) will go to Breast Cancer Campaign. They’re a great organization, and if you want to get involved more than just buying the single or coming to the show, you should follow that there link. I can personally attest that what they do is very much needed, and awesome.

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Summer folds like a Tapestry

Festival season is over, for me at least. I can’t say I’m resentful at not having to wander round any more fields with little idea of what’s going on any more this year. It’s been a great summer though, and Reading and Leeds topped it off in style. Seriously the best weekend of my life just been.

A few quick things, as ever..

  • On September 9th I’ll be live on the Zane Lowe Show on Radio 1 from 7-9pm, in session with the band. Tune in.
  • Xtra Mile Recordings have a new shop up and running, where you can buy my stuff (and stuff by Million Dead, Reuben, Chris T-T, Jonah Matrangah.. etc.) for cheap, and it’s better for the artists too. They also want to be your myspace friend…
  • There’s more American Tour Dates going up all the time, and there’s a big UK support tour to announce for December – more on that soon. In the meantime, tickets for the UK October run are going fast..

At ease people.

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Update Frenzy!

I’m back from a short holiday in Cornwall, much refreshed, and I’m now going to do something totally fucking insane: I’m actually going to use this blog to impart important information! Loads of it.

Right, we’ll begin with news about releases, and we’ll start on that with the UK. First of all, there’s a three-way split album with me, Jonah Matranga and Chris T-T due for release on Xtra Mile later this year. However, we’re having issues with the title. So YOU can decide! Check out this thread and add your contributions. The record will be available exclusively through iTunes at the end of September.

In other news, the song ‘Long Live The Queen‘ is due to be released as a single in the UK on October 20th. It’ll be a download, with some exclusive b-sides.. And more importantly, proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Research (for obvious reasons) so even if you already have the song, get downloading!

Finally, there’s a rarities compilation due to be released at the end of this year, which will be called ‘The First Three Years‘. The idea is that I’ve always been a stickler for not ripping people off by duplicating songs across releases; however, this means that it’s getting harder for people to legitimately get all my material. So the CD will have everything that’s not on either of the albums. We’re jamming as much music on there as physically possible. Good times.

Now to the USA. The dates I have with Chuck Ragan have long been up, and the shows with Fake Problems are slowly being announced – keep checking the gigs page or the myspace for details. The big news is that Love Ire & Song will be properly released on October 2nd in the USA and Canada through the good people at Arbor Records. At last, you yanks will be able to get it without paying import prices. It has a couple of bonus tracks on too. How can you resist?

Odds and sods.. The UK October Tour is selling well, so if you’re planning on coming I’d get a ticket sooner rather than later. The Reading Warmup show at New Slang in Kingston on 21st August is going to be boss, not just because I am going to publicly piss on Cahir from Fighting With Wire, but also because the first 100 people through the door will get an ultra-limited, ultra-collectible split 7″ featuring me and FWW. Madness!

Video Schmideo… There’s a nice film about the excellent 2000 Trees Festival which you can watch here, and a mammoth interview I did in Reading which starts here and goes on forever. And finally, here’s a little video for ‘I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous‘…


I’m going to go and have a lie down now.

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Good things come to those who…

…do two blog posts in one day, ha! I feel a little bit metrosexual now. Anyways, some excellent news: I’ll be supporting Mr Evan Dando on a bunch of UK dates in August! Hoooooooray! Dates:

  • 1st August @ Arts Centre, Norwich
  • 4th August @ Sin City, Swansea
  • 6th August @ The Duchess, York
  • 7th August @ Central Station, Wrexham
  • 8th August @ The Leadmill, Sheffield

Obviously I’m still doing Y-Not Festival on the 1st, and Sensible Sunday on the 3rd. Alas, the bad news is that I’m not going to be able to do the show in Oxford on the 8th. Massive apologies to all concerned, and if you have a ticket, you should go anyway as it’s for a good cause and has a great line-up.

(Happy) Frank Out.

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