I Am Not A Machine

To quote Black Flag, “I am not a machine”. Dammit. Ever since Bonnaroo Festival (back in June) I’ve had a slight issue with my back. As of last weekend, 30 something shows later, it’s become a serious thing, and despite my best efforts to ignore it, bully it into submission or just punk rock through the whole thing, it’s a problem I need to deal with. My doctor has sent me in for a spinal epidural shot tomorrow, which means there is no way I can play at Pukkelpop, Gampel or Highfield Festivals this weekend.

Anyone who knows me even vaguely will know that, as well as being in a fair amount of pain, I’m filled with rage at my puny weakling back for letting me down, not to mention all the people at the shows. I can only humbly apologise. Hopefully I can sort this issue now and going forward I’ll be fine to keep touring til I’m old and gray.

Speaking of the future, people coming to Hatfield, Reading and Leeds need not worry – the shows will go ahead, we are working on a plan, and if I have to do them in a goddamn wheelchair I will. Everyone in my team, from the Sleeping Souls on down, are being really great about making sure that the show goes on. Thanks for your patience and good wishes.

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  1. Back pain is no joke. Hope you feel better and are back on stage soon! Take care

  2. Saw you in Auckland and Changed my life man, Seeing you again in hatfield. If you go on in a wheelchair, drinks are on me mate.

  3. Take care of yourself before you do us. We know you’ll always come back better stronger and harder. All the dude!

  4. As much as I’d love to see you at Leeds, please do what you have to do to get better and don’t push yourself too early for our benefit – it’s in all of our interests (especially yours) to give it the time it needs now so you can do everything you want to do in the long term. We’ll still be here when you get back!

  5. Feel better soon! Thank you for always going above and beyond when it comes to performing music and being there for your fans. Nothing but support and love for you! Try not to stress and/or kill someone, it will only make matters worse. Take your time and feel better, grab a beer or 12 while you’re at it. xoxoxo

  6. I sincerely hope that you will be on the mend soon.  You certainly are a trooper to have done so many shows while in pain.  I am glad you are getting it seen about and I am certain with your massive stubbornness and punk rock attitude, you will make a full recovery!  Be well!

  7. I hope you get well real soon, Frank! And hope to get even better so that you can come to MEXICO soon. It’d be awesome to have you here. You don’t have an idea of how many people listens to your music here. We seriously need some Frank Turner in Mexico, at least once 🙂

    Thanks for your music, man, take care and get well soon.

  8. I know how hardcore those Epidural shots can be. My mom had/has back issues. Good news is that you’ll probably be back rocking in a few weeks or so! Get better soon!

  9. I have xrays that look just like that!  Good luck with the epidural.  Take good care of yourself!

  10. don’t mess with your back! get your shot and take it easy. we all want to see you out for many years to come. find yourself some minions to wait on you hand and foot for the next couple of weeks. i believe that i’m available…



  11. So what’ s the remedy for the cure ? Rest, take it easy and write us some more songs. Hope you are up and around soon! 

  12. Damn, Frank!  I’m a chiro, so I know what’s up. Hope you’re pain-free soon. Feel free to holla at ya girl anytime. I’ll just keep jammin’ to your tracks until you’re back to touring again. Be well!

  13. I’ve had those epidural shots several times and know exactly how excruciating the pain is that leads to getting excited over having needles stuck in your spine!  Hang in there, relief is in sight!

  14. That really sucks! I’ve had back issues for years but never to the point where I needed a shot. Hang in there. Some physical therapy will help

  15. Take care Frank! We need you in peak condition so that you can keep amazing us with your music and energy. You’re not weak, you’ve just exhausted yourself from giving every single ounce of power that you have to each performance. We know that you want to dance, but you’ll be back on your feet in no time. Hang in there, Canada sends you it’s love!

  16. Get well soon. Hope to see you well and kickin in September in Berlin. Take care.

  17. I have been there and no matter what your constitution, the back will take you down.  We are all sending you positive vibes to help you get better soon!

  18. Ah! we love yah frank! I have a deteriorating disk in my neck, and I to will be starting a series of steroid shots, so in a way I understand your pain! I wish you all the best and that your body recovers quickly but healthy!

  19. It was so sad that you not came to gampel, we was only there for you, please get fast well and come back to switzerland. best whises adrian

  20. Dear Frank

    I hope you are already feeling a bit better!

    I was going crazy with joy when I saw that you would play at
    the Gampel festival this year and then of course I was so sad when I heard that
    you couldn’t make it.

    Although I know that you haven’t written any of your songs
    for me  😉thats what it feels like. Your music
    and your lyrics touch me and they have accompanied me wherever I have been
    through 2013 so far. I share a lot of your thoughts, feelings and wit.

    So let’s never sit down nor shut up! 🙂

    Get well soon and hope to see you in Switzerland another
    time. (or as an option; if you’d invite me, I would of course be ready to come
    to another show outside Switzerland, lol…;-)…).

    Love Stefanie

  21. If Frank sees this all the better; Despite being in obvious pain on stage at Hatfield yesterday, you put on an incredible show. It was my girlfriend and mine’s first Frank gig and it was an unforgettable time, all of your songs have such deeo meaning to me and i base most of my values morals and general supportive guidance on you. You’re an incredible human being if there ever was one, and i am privileged to have shook your hand and laugh at my girlfriend getting her bracelet stuck in your microphone. Frank, people will always tell you that you touch their heart and you’re so relatable. For me, without you, i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t be alive. either that or my “tell tale signs” would be a hell of a lot more “tell tale”. Frank, rest up if you have to and rock the fuck out any other time. As a fan, i love you and your music. as another human being, you inspire me to make music, to live my life, all that cliché crap. Get well soon mate, all the best. -Daniel

  22. Frank, so sorry to hear this. Get better soon! Oh by the way I hope we
    can meet in Dortmund or Cologne. I have something I want to give to you.

  23. I hope you feel a lot better soon and can play for many years! Truly inspirational, your music has helped me for several years on my long road up to recovery from depression. Thank you so much <3

  24. Your humility in “sharing your pain” continues to inspire! Take care of yourself. Hope to see you dancing in full force in Houston, TX this fall.

  25. Quite a lovely picture.  I have one of my own. (I always knew I was twisted but I also have the picture to prove it) If possible try doing Pilates (don’t laugh) once every week or once every two weeks when your not touring, that if you haven’t tried it yet, as well as limited light rowing on a rowing machine, between 5 to 15 minutes tops every other day. (Doing this kept me from going under the knife)  This with any other exercise you are doing should really help strengthen your core muscle group which should help keep your back in alignment. [ALIGNMENT=NO PAIN :)]  Also if you wear sneakers most of the time replace them every six weeks, it helps. Hell, you can have an online auction every six weeks on your website for a good cause, someone will buy old ones. 

    I saw you in Brooklyn this past July and it was an awesome time, the energy on stage that night was great, sung my ass off and already have tickets for the Terminal5 show in November.  Be well Frank

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