‘Losing Days’ + US Summer Tour

Hello, friends, from Madison WI, and the last date of this short North American run. We’ve been to lots of new places on this run – Vermont, Rhode Island, not least here, and I’m expecting to spend my afternoon eating cheese and listening to Bon Iver. We’ve also been lucky to share the road with Off With Their Heads and Ben Marwood, a pleasure as always. Parting will be sweet sorrow, tempered by the knowledge that reunion will be a blast somewhere down the trail (case in point: got drunk with Sean from Andrew Jackson Jihad last night in Ann Arbor, which was joyous).

To business! If you haven’t seen the video for Losing Days yet, well, why not? Haha. You can watch it and admire my steely resistance to pain (and my armpit hair) right here. And if that doesn’t sate your lust for, uh, tattoos and body hair, you can check out Ben Morse’s excellent behind-the-scenes video and photographs right here. Enjoy.

Speaking of Ben Morse, the loveable baldy giant has been on tour with me and the Sleeping Souls over on this side of the Atlantic lately. Aside from teaching us how to do stage fighting (seriously, it’s ace), he’s also been taking photographs. Excellent photographs. Have a look for yourself in this gallery here, and if you spot yourself, give yourself a tag.

Egad! The summer is nearly done. Time flies when you’re spending a significant portion of your life on transatlantic flights. We have a few more festivals to go though – catch us at Jurassic Rock (Finland), Pukkelpop (Belgium), Gampel Open Air (Switzerland), Highfield (Germany) and, of course, Reading and Leeds back in the homeland. We also have a warmup show for R&L on the 22nd in Hatfield, which is nearly sold out, so get on those tickets fast if you’re planning on coming.

All of which is a nice way to wrap up what has been a great summer. Thanks to everyone at shows, of course, and we will see you all in Europe or North America before the end of the year (and in other more obvious places after that). Travel safe, give em hell.

2 thoughts on “‘Losing Days’ + US Summer Tour

  1. so glad that i got to catch one of your shows this summer while you were in the states. can’t wait for november when you’ll be back in my part of the world. maybe i (and some of the other rabid fthc fans) can introduce you to some tasty boston brews and you can kick those nasty PBRs to the curb. 

    safe travels across the pond to you & the souls. xoxo

  2. My friend turned me on you your music just a few short months ago, and I haven’t turned it off since!! My family and I live here in Madison WI, and me and my wife were so very lucky to see your show at the Majestic! That shit was Epic!! Just the way I expected it to be!! We can’t wait to see you again, maybe we’ll make the trip to Chicago next month!

    Your Fan Forever,


    p.s. – PBR’s are a staple of Wisconsin, Traci doesn’t know what shes talking about…….j/k

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