#FTHCflag Auction Reminder

Hey all, just wanted drop a quick note to say thanks to everyone who made the #FTHCflag such a success.

As you know, it toured all around the UK and I couldn’t be more proud of the fans on Twitter who rallied around to take it from one show to the next.

You guys used the power of Twitter to meet in bars before shows, at the merch stand after shows, and you took photos of all the places the flag accompanied you to, including York Castle, Winchester Cathedral and the village where I was raised.

Last week, at my London forum show, I announced that I was auctioning the #FTHCflag to raise funds for Shelter, and as soon as I put the flag on eBay, the bidding war began – it currently stands at an astounding £3,025!

The auction ends tomorrow just before 4pm UK time, so if you want to do some strategic bidding, or just watch to see how much money the #FTHCflag raises, take a look at the auction page from around 3.30pm here.

Thanks again everyone, this could not have been possible without you!

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