Burbank, California. I’d call it a suburb of Los Angeles, but seeing as I’ve never been able to find the mythical centre of this city, everywhere feels like a suburb. Searching for gold in LA, what a cliche, haha. The band and I arrived on a long haul flight from London yesterday and are now wearily engaged in combat with time zones. It’s great to see the boys again, to be out into the great wide open, to be back on the American landmass. The summer was lovely – I spent proper time in London for the first time since about 2004 and was amply cared for by my good friends at the Wheelbarrow – but now it’s back to business.

I thought it’d be a good idea to blog here with a general update on my plans for the rest of this year and into next. Obviously, we have the US tour starting in Boston (tickets going fast – Americans, please don’t start shouting at me if shows sell out in advance) which is awesomeness all in itself. After that, there’s the UK tour in November, and then a run of shows in December which I’ve been casually referring to as the Celtic Fringe – shows in Wales, Ireland and Scotland (a few more to come as well). Making time on the road, as per usual.

The other use of my time before Christmas is, perhaps, more exciting. The reason I’m in Burbank right now is for a week of pre-production for the next album. Pre-production is where you get in the room with your producer of choice and start working through the songs, tearing their guts out and putting them back together, picking which tunes (I have about 25) are going to make the best album and so on. Once we’re done with that, we have the tour to bed the new stuff in with the crowds; and then, for the month of October, we will be back here to make the album proper.

Two small thoughts. I was initially a little wary about recording in southern California – it’s kind of a cliche, if nothing else – but in the end, it’s more important to me to work with the producer I want. Rich Costey is someone I have dreamed of working with for many years, and it’s very exciting to be in the studio with him. Also, there was once a plan for me to add more solo shows in the USA in October, and I certainly told a few people that. These are not now happening in that time-frame, alas, as making the new album takes priority. But! Never fear. I will be making them up as soon as possible next year.

If everything goes to plan, the new album will be out in March 2013, with some singles preceding it. In one final cliche for this blog post, I’m very excited about the songs, the prospect of the finished whole. Obviously I would say that, or else I’d still be writing. But yeah. I’m in a good place, creatively.

Right, breakfast, then to the studio. Adios for now.

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