Beans On Toast

Earlier this year I found time to produce the third album by London folk-singer extraordinaire Beans On Toast. He’ll probably be familiar to many of you; Jay is an old friend, an honest sounding board for my ideas, and star of more than one song of mine. I’ve never produced a record before, and I’m fiercely proud of the resulting music.

Well, today being Jay’s birthday (happy birthday Jay!), the album, “Trying To Tell The Truth“, is now out. You can get it from Xtra Mile Recordings here, and from iTunes here. As a little taster, here’s one of the videos Jay has made:

You can see more of the same by following his username on YouTube. Enjoy.

For myself today, well, if you have a spare moment, you can head over here and vote for me in this year’s NME awards. Have fun.

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