Gear Change

Well that was one hell of a weekend. The Northampton warm-up show was, though I say so myself, one of my favourite gigs I’d played in quite a while. It was, nevertheless, soon to be topped by Reading & Leeds Festivals, with two shows on each site. They really were a different level for me and my guys, a gear change, if you like. To top it all off, I made friends with the Descendents, thereby completing another life goal.

As Monday rolled around, two things happened. First of all, for people in the UK, the single of “If Ever I Stray” was officially released on iTunes, complete with “Sailor’s Boots” as a brand new B-side. Secondly, the Manchester show from the November UK tour has officially sold out. The rest of the shows on that run (and indeed quite a few from Europe and the USA / Canada) are close behind. Wowzers.

In the aftermath I’ve been hiding in a studio in London working on Jay Beans On Toast‘s new record, as a producer (which is a first). A few days in and we’re nearly done. I’m not sure of the details but it’ll be out on Xtra Mile Records before the end of the year, I’d guess.

One quick point of order. I mentioned, in an interview with the NME at Reading, that I have plans to do a hardcore (ish) band as a side project sometime soon. This is true, but I want to clarify a few things. Firstly, this isn’t anything to do with Million Dead. Secondly, the line-up is set, we have some ideas starting to float around, we’re not, sadly, looking for band members. Thirdly, this isn’t going to be a real, music-releasing going concern until next summer at the earliest. And finally, it’s a project, not a career-shift. What I’m doing now is my main concern. Hope that clears some of the internet rumours up!

I’ll leave you with the news that Boy George allegedly thinks I’m fit (thanks twitter) and this little video from Reading…

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