European Tour Dates

The European tour dates for the end of the year are finally here!

  • 15th November – Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL
  • 16th November – Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover, DE
  • 17th November – Sputnikhalle, Munster, DE
  • 18th November – Crossing Border, Den Haag, NL
  • 19th November – Crossing Border, Antwerp, BE
  • 29th November – Gloria, Koln, DE
  • 30th November – Wagenhallen, Stuttgart, DE
  • 1st December – Backstage Hall, Munich, DE
  • 2nd December – Postbahnhof, Berlin, DE
  • 4th December – Fabrik, Hamburg, DE
  • 5th December – Mau Club, Rostock, DE
  • 7th December – Divan Du Monde, Paris, FR
  • 8th December – Schurr, Luzern, CH
  • 13th December – Meskalina, Poznan, PO
  • 14th December – Powiekszenie, Warsaw, PO
  • 17th December – Abart, Zurich, CH
  • 18th December – WUK, Vienna, AT
  • 19th December – PPC, Graz, AT
  • 20th December – Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg, DE

All shows will be full band. Tickets go onsale on Friday. There are a couple more shows to add here and there, and supports to announce. I know that there are no Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or other Southern European dates on this run – sorry for that, but we have a plan to get out to those places early next year. Spread the word!

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