Over Down Under

As confidently predicted in my last blog post, Australia has succeeded in remaining awesome in the year that I’ve been away. As also predicted, flying from Berlin to here is a pain in the balls, and I am far from settled into this time zone. The good side of that is that long hours spent awake while Sydney sleeps are a great time for me to listen to Josh T Pearson records and get on with writing up my book of tour diaries – I’ve done more work on that in the last 24 hours than I have in months, so the project is creeping a little faster towards completion, which is a good feeling.

After a blathering introduction, I will be brief. More shows have been added (predictably enough) that I want to tell you all about. Firstly, on May 23rd I will be playing an instore at the excellent Rise Records in Cheltenham. It’s a free show but you will need a wristband to get in. Details of how to get one of those can be found right here.

Next up, I have added a little show at the Whitley Bay Playhouse on July 7th, details and tickets here. And finally, I will be appearing at this year’s Belladrum festival in Scotland, which is excellent, because Scotland is excellent, so there’ll just be a whole truckload of excellentness (excellence?) going on right there. OK?

Right, I’m wiped out and press schedule for the day hasn’t even started yet. Oops. Time for some weird interview answers, eh?

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