Course Corrected

I’ve never been to Asheville, NC, before, and like many of the places I go on tour, I doubt I’ll get to give the place a fair viewing, not this time round anyways. But from the little stretch I’ve seen, it seems like a nice place. I love the south of this country a lot, and it always lifts my mood to return here. It’s also good to know that Mike and the Social D boys are back on form again. The shows in Asbury and Baltimore were a great time, but now we’re all back on schedule again. A special mention also for Richmond VA last night, and in particular the excellent Long Arms, who also played. Good times.

A quick note on the Val D’Isere show, as lots of people have been asking. The show will be a free show at a venue TBC in the town, the competition being run through XFM is to win flights and accommodation to come to the show. So if you’re going to be out there anyways, you can just come on down to the gig. Easy.

The Rocksound Readers Poll is now open for voting, as is the Kerrang poll, so if you guys have some spare time on your computers, do head over and send some votes my way. Also, I recently played a little cameo in the new Dive Dive video – check it out here:

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