California is fun, although it’s slightly cold and overcast here right now, which slightly makes me want to ask for my money back.. I mean, sunshine is the whole point of this place, right? Right?

Joke. Anyways, nice to be here, and I’m very much looking forward to the Trouadour show tomorrow.

In slightly more relevant news, I’m very pleased to announce an overhaul of my online merch store. The good people at Kings Road merch are now looking after me worldwide, and to celebrate we have a selection of new designs, available everywhere. Please do take the time to head to and see what’s there. Things should run much more smoothly from now on.

Next up, I’ve been doing a bunch of covers work recently. Today I finished off a Bad Religion cover (“My Poor Friend Me”), that will be part of the Spin Magazine 30th Anniversary Tribute record. Also, I did a cover of a Fake Problems song from their new record, which you can check out right here. I’m pretty proud of it, they fucking rule.

Finally some friends of mine are still doing their firetruck-round-the-world thing, and they’re still awesome. You should check them out, and help with the fundraising thing if you can. Just saying.

Right, bed time, thence to Los Angeles!

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