A Pack Of Lynxes

I’m in New York, drinking coffee, eating bagels and reading blogs. I feel like a real American today, haha. Some bits and bobs for you all today. First of all, as I should have mentioned earlier, this week the Try This At Home 7″ is out! You can get yours from Xtra Mile Recordings (UK) or Epitaph (rest of the world). The vinyl is a split, with competition winners the Retrospective Soundtrack Players and Isaac Graham, with artwork by Annie Olander. Check it out!

Next up, I recently did a cool interview for The Owl Magazine. You lucky people can read it here. Also, at this year’s Bonnaroo Festival I did a secret second show in the Wheat Thins Lounge (yup). There’s a video of it right here for your enjoyment.

Finally, I just found out about Me Without You. Why did no one tell me before? They rule! Also, Koo Koo Kanga Roo are rocking my world right now. Seriously. Enjoy.

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