Holidays In The Sun

I’m on something of a break right now, which is nice. It’s been a while, and I feel like I’m finally catching up on sleep after Glastonbury / Green Day / the first six months of the year (delete as appropriate). Anyways. Glastonbury was a blast, I had four great shows, a fun slot on the BBC, and even got my photo taken with Lembit Opik (don’t ask). A great weekend all in all, and there’s lots more festivals to come this summer.

The artwork competition for Try This At Home has now finished, and has been won by the wonderful Annie Olander – check out her stuff. The single is due for release on August 2nd and will be single of the week on XFM next week. If you feel like texting or emailing them to let you know how utterly ecstatic that makes you, so be it.

Finally, here’s part one of the little tour diary my friend Ben Morse made of the Green Day / Germany weekend:

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