Adolescent Newsagent Agony

So, today’s Kerrang! magazine has hit shelves and it features yours truly on the front cover. I went out this morning to buy a copy (wanted to check the article, think it came over really well actually) and found myself in a slightly embarrassing situation. I’m sure it’s just not the done thing to buy magazines with yourself on the front, it seems terribly gauche somehow. In the end I gathered a bunch of other stuff I wanted and bought it all together, slipping Kerrang! in there furtively in the hope the check-out girl wouldn’t notice. It put me in mind of being 14 and trying to buy porn magazines. I suppose, what with this here internet and everything, today’s youth are less well-versed in that particular brand of adolescent agony. The lucky bastards.

In seriousness, it’s a pretty big deal for me – it’s my first cover, and for a magazine that I’ve been reading, for better or worse, since I was a little kid. So consider me chuffed, and I’d heartily recommend that you pick yourself up a copy.

Other news… shows! We have confirmed a Leeds warm-up show at The Venue in Derby on August 25th, tickets for which can be found here. And I am also pleased to announce that I will be appearing at this year’s Ottawa Folk Festival, located, amazingly, in Ottawa.

Finally, Glastonbury go-ers (if you’re still checking the internet, which you probably shouldn’t be dammit, KIDS THESE DAYS etc.), here’s a run down of my shows. I’m on the Queen’s Head stage on Friday early afternoon; Leftfield for a song-writer’s workshop with Billy Bragg on Saturday at 3pm ish; and on Leftfield again for a proper set later that evening. They’re all solo shows. Oh, and it might be worth swinging by the Strummerville Campfire on Friday night / Saturday morning 1am. Just saying.

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