Revival, Sin & Soul

I’m back in London, on my day off. Tomorrow is rehearsals, and the next day we leave for the European tour. Jet lag, coming this way, is a little easier to handle, in my experience, so I’ve been enjoying crisp winter weather, English newspapers and wandering through London town. I had a bit of a shock when I got to Tottenham Court Road. I played the last show at the Astoria, so was well aware of its passing, but in the time I’ve been away the actual building has been demolished, and it was only on seeing that that the reality set in. It felt like there was a chunk of the city missing, it was quite emotional in a way. But in the end cities are organic places, they grow and decay, and such is the passing of time. Still, a shame to see a gap in the skyline where once I saw what was, for me, the home of rock ‘n’ roll.

The Revival tour is done. It was a marathon rather than a sprint, but we made it to the end in good spirits, and the last few shows in Florida were exceptionally ace. New friends made, both at shows and on the bus, and a reminder that Chuck’s concept of Revival is one of the best in music right now. Jon Snodgrass and I wrote a song together on the tour, and here it is for your enjoyment:


Finally, tickets for the Paris show on December 18th. If you want to reserve tickets for the show, the person you need to email is my old friend Cham, the promoter. Drop him a line about it. And see you there.

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