Our Kansas vs Arkansas

The Revival tour continues to chew up road across the United States. A week ago today we were in San Diego. That seems totally insane to me, it feels like half a lifetime has gone by since then. That’s one of the best things about touring, I guess. Now in Arkansas, never been here before. Everyone’s a little shady today, on account of having been in a recording studio until 6am last night / this morning. Joey Cape as left the tour, Chad Price and Jon Snodgrass have joined. I’m working on new songs pretty hard right now, this is such an inspirational environment. Things keep rolling forward.

Some quick mentions. My friend Ed is raising money for the Breast Cancer Campaign by growing crazy facial hair, and keeping a blog about it. Check it out, and maybe get involved. Secondly, here’s a link to me playing on Beta TV in Los Angeles a little while back. Nice. I have a new favourite blog, which you can read here.

Finally, it’s been my pleasure on a few of these Revival shows to be sharing the stage with new friend Konrad, also known as Possessed By Paul James. I can honestly say he bows me away more than almost anyone I’ve heard in years. Definitely worth checking him out, and I fully plan to bring him to the UK sometime soon.

That’s me for today. Hello Little Rock!

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