A Million Different Things


I’ll top and tail this manic post with some videos. Above is a little piece that Nigel, my drummer made. Bizarre. Anyways. The tour is going really well, as I’m hoping people who’ve been at the shows can attest. We had a day off in Oxford, which I unwisely used to spend some more quality time with my old friend Sambucca. Hm. The Nottingham show was mind-blowing. Tonight we’re in Cambridge. There are, at time of writing, 15 tickets left for the entire tour (all in Plymouth). Thanks people!

Speaking of tours, the whole of the next UK tour (March) is now onsale, including the show at the Birmingham Academy (21st March). Insanely enough we’ve done about a quarter of the tickets for London already and we haven’t even done Shepherd’s Bush yet. You people are (delightfully) crazy. Tickets for the whole tour can be found here.

More stuff. The good people at Paper & Plastick Records, together with AP, are running a competition to win a test-pressing of the First Three Years vinyl. You can find out about it here. Next up, the good people at Epitaph made a little video about me and what I do. If you’re here already you might not learn masses, but it’s pretty sweet, so check it out.

At the risk of hastening the festive season already (before Halloween! Tch), it’s coming round to end-of-year poll times. The people at Kerrang! have theirs up already and you can go vote. So, uh, do! And maybe even vote for me!

Finally, I love the guys in my band. They’re integral to what I do, and they’re excellent musicians to boot. To prove this, check this out, mofo’s…


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