Video Insanity

Frank Turner @ The Flowerpot from on Vimeo.

So, as you can see, that was quite a show. Which brings me to my next idea. We’re shooting a video for the new single this week, for a song called “The Road“. The idea for the video is, I’m going to try and play as many house parties in 24 hours as possible, around London. This is where we need your help. We’re starting at 8pm on Thursday and finishing at 8pm on Friday this week – i.e. the 25th-26th. Here’s the deal. If you live in London and are cool with me coming round to play a few songs at some point, please email and I’ll send you more details.

Obviously, from 8ish to probably 3ish is going to be comparatively easy to organize. It’s the middle of the night, and the daytime on Friday, that’s going to be more challenging. Also, we’re looking for people who have interesting locations – if you or anyone who you can blackmail have a roof terrace, a garden, or a pool, let me know. Finally it’d be good if we can have at least a handful of people at each location. Like I say, email me and let me know.

We’re going to finish the run with a grand finale at the Flowerpot in Kentish Town – a free show at 8pm on Friday. I won’t be playing for all that long (I’ll be knackered) but it should, hopefully, have something of the atmosphere of the show above. All are welcome.

So there it is: please do get in touch, and hopefully we can make a kick arse video.

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