A Time For Change

So, the Rebel Alliance won the war, and Barack Skywalker will be reigning supreme in the White House, and everyone is happy, for now… Which is nice. In other news, I am mostly over my illness, which is great. To celebrate, here’s a link to an XFM solo session I did the other day: Ta-Da! It was recorded early in the morning after the Scala show, so my throat was a little croaky, but otherwise, fresh.

Also! My good, good friends Fake Problems are currently in the UK, discovering the true meaning of weather. They have dates all over the shop (see their page, especially if you’re in Brighton, Nottingham, Peterbrough, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow). Tomorrow night (Saturday) they’ll be playing at The Joiners in Southampton, and you never know, I might just be there with my guitar for a short set too. Tickets here. See you there.

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