People Power / USSA!

Morning all. I write from Sherman Oaks, California, in the middle of the night. Shows with Fake Problems are going well, it’s awesome to see the boys again, their new stuff is excellent. Cobra Skulls also rock, but more to the point Look Mexico are my new favourite band, check em out! Anyways, to business.

The new video for Long Live The Queen (below) is popular with the powers that be. It’s up for voting in the MTV2 Hot New Ones chart this week. We’re up against big hitters, but recently people power (i.e. you guys voting) has got me on Zane Lowe and Jo Whiley, so, if you can take the time to go vote, that would be appreciated, and if you want to spread the word, that’d be better. Thanks all.

Secondly, my USA shows are now finalized as a run, and just for those not 100% paying attention, here they are again:

  • 22nd September @ Angel’s Roadside, Apple Valley, CA, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 23rd September @ The Beauty Bar, Las Vegas, NV, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 25th September @ Modified, Phoenix, AZ, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 26th September @ Main Street Project, Anthony, NM, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 27th September @ The Warhol, San Antonio, TX, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 28th September @ Red 7, Austin, TX, USA (with Fake Problems, FREE show)
  • 1st October @ The Mink, Houston, TX, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 3rd October @ Sluggo’s, Pensacola, FL, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 4th October @ Cave 9, Birmingham, AL, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 7th October @ Two Cents Plain, St Louis, MO, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 8th October @ Skull Alley, Louisville, KY, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 9th October @ Moira, Indianapolis, IN, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 10th October @ Mac’s Bar, Lansing, MI, USA (with Fake Problems)
  • 11th October @ Asbury Lanes, Asbury, NJ, USA (with Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry)
  • 12th October @ The Space, Hamden, CT, USA (with Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry)
  • 13th October @ Blender Theater @ Gramercy, New York, USA (with Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry)
  • 14th October @ Black Cat, Washington DC, USA (with Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry)

Hope to see you there!

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