I’ve Got A Brand New Geeeeetar

Continuing in this summer’s theme of “Wait a minute, this was supposed to be kind of downtime, why the fuck is everything going insane?”, things have been, um, going insane. Recent highlights have included fun and frolics with The King Blues, shooting live performances in Tottenham (more on that later), near-heart-attacks about routing itineraries, and GETTING MY NEW GUITAR. I’m going to do a full post on this with pictures when I get them, but suffice to say this for now: Patrick Eggle has built me a new guitar, and it’s the best fucking instrument I’ve ever played ever. Full stop. Check him out for more info.

Two more little things: first up, tickets for the London show of the tour are finally on sale here. And for anyone interested on what Ben from Million Dead is up to, look at this. And weep.


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