I need a Bath

So I’m in Southampton on the penultimate date of this tour. I say that, but then of course I have a show the next day in Ipswich, then two in Finland, then to Ireland, so it’s more the passing of a phase than the end of something… Nevertheless, this tour has been amazing, the line-up (with Dive Dive and Beans) has been great, the crowds have been awesome, we’re all but out of merchandize, and the London show last night was special. Thanks everyone.

A few bits of news: first up, you can help me choose what the next single from the album is going to be. There’ll be a video and so on, and a bunch of unreleased B-Sides (new songs) to keep the faithful happy. So go on and vote! Ta.

Also, we’ve got an online shop in the process of being set up at the moment, so you’ll be able to order T-shirts online, internationally. Which should keep you lot happy for a little while.

Finally, there’s more shows being firmed up on the horizon, in the UK and Europe. Keep your eyes peeled, just because this tour is done doesn’t mean I won’t be scaring militant Christians in your neighborhood any time soon…

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