The calm before the ROCK

Today is my last day of tour preparation. Thusfar I have folded T-shirst, burned CDs, booked Travelodges, talked to promoters, printed mailing lists, packed pants and socks, and even oiled my beard-trimmer (no really). Ready to go, and it’s going to be ace. In some ways it feels like the old days (with MD) but this time it’s just me – something that both makes me a little sad and confident.

As with every tour, my on-line-ness will be a little subdued for the next month or so. But safe to say I’ll be seeing you all at a show (right?). There’s now a Cardiff date on April 27th (at last). I’ve also just confirmed some Irish dates in June – check the gigs section. I finished recording my side of the forthcoming split with Jonah Matrangah and it sounds ace – we’ll be doing some shows together in the summer to promote it, and then, all being well, I’ll be heading stateside for a while too. Busy busy busy.

And finally, a link to a guy I shared a stage with recently and am still in total awe of – check this out.

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