Lazy Mondays

Wells, currently enjoying an unexpected day off back in Winchester, and I can say this: it’s fucking great. My folks are away, so I’m walking round the house in my pants, eating out of the saucepan, that kind of shit. Awesome. I feel like I’ve earned it, the last stretch of shows was all good, but intense as hell, and I’m pretty drained. But like I say, some great shows, thanks for those who came down and rocked out.

A few things for you today… Some more info on the show on February 26th at Bush Hall in London. The full line-up is:
Television Personalities
Chris T-T
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly
Frank Turner
The Dusty Soundsystem (with Piney Gir)
Dave House
The show is a benefit for Love Music Hate Racism, which makes it even better than it already was. So come down and rock out: Tickets ‘a36 Advance / ‘a3 7 Door, and all proceeds go to LMHR.

I’ve got a couple of full, coherent tours coming together with various people at the moment, so keep checking back here for more information. I’ve got studio time booked and should have a proper release out by the end of the summer. Thanks for being patient on that front.

And finally, just a quick word about a gig I went to the other day. I managed to catch Earth and Sunn 0))) at the Islington Academy a few days ago, and it totally fucking blew my mind. Earth are one of the original drone bands and feature the legendary Dylan Carson (who I met in the lobby! Go fanboy). They were supergood, but when it comes to Sunn 0))), words actually fail me. The heaviest, most intense musical experience of all my born days. Has to be seen to be believed. If you have a chance to catch any more dates on this tour, or see them again, go. They were wearing monk’s cowls, for chrissakes!

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow, but only to my fellow lonely, bitter, twisted, loveless misanthropes, haha…

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